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About Raisinville Township

Bridge School, Circa 1931

The early trappers and farmers
wanted their children educated. On
April 17, 1828, Bridge School was
organized. This school was first
made from logs. It was built the
same year the first wooden bridge
was built: The present brick school
building; was built in 1868. On the
100th Anniversary in 1928, the
pupils and former pupils erected the
stone monument in front of the
school. William Cominess was
president of the Bridge School
Alumni and it was his idea that the
students and alumni each bring a
stone for the monument. The monument is to the right in the
picture. This schoolhouse building
is now being used as the Raisinville Township Hall. It was deeded to Raisinville Township, by the county of Monroe, in 1980 and has been closed as a school since 1946. This building was first  used as a polling place August 1982 in the primary election and has undergone extensive remodeling. Carl
Kamminski, Clinton Rapps, and WaIter Berns are in this picture. The monument was unveiled on Saturday, June 23, 1928 by Mr. Fred
Knaggs, age 83 and Mrs. Tryphine Thomas, age 80. They were the oldest to attend. Geraldine Chambers and William Barnaby, Jr.were
the youngest and they also helped. Bridge School was the first public school in the State of Michigan. It was organized before
Michigan became a state, in 1837.